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SHADOW CLOSE PROTECTION, is a company specialized in Executive and VIP Protection as a professional sector, with participation in high and low risk missions, providing security and personal protection to those individuals facing a serious threat, or had an attack incident in the past, offering high quality services in Greece and Europe.

SHADOW CLOSE PROTECTION is divided in 2 major sections to achieve better customer service and maintain a high level of professionalism for our personnel and other private security officers, organizations and agencies, as mentioned below:

Α) Shadow team (Operational branch – V.I.P Protection teams & bodyguards)

Β) Bodyguard Academy (Training branch – Executive Protection School)

We employ Close protection specialists, whole operational teams and security consultants to provide their services to V.I.P\'s, companies and civilians. Additionally, we share our experience and expertise running a number of courses and seminars through our training branch, Bodyguard Academy.

We train and evaluate our agents and teams periodically, in order to reach the appropriate level of operational readiness and vigilance, which is required to participate and conduct high risk missions or low profile / discreet V.I.P escort with professional courtesy and effectiveness.

Our strict policy for recruiting personnel and establishing associations and partnerships, in combination with our experience over the years, brought us oral and written references from our clients, confirming the quality of our services and giving us the privilege to cooperate with the most honorable and distinguished security companies worldwide.