Bodyguard Academy BODYGUARD ACADEMY, which is the training branch of our company, managed to fill the gap of a demanding Bodyguard selection course in our country, giving the chance to bodyguard candidates to receive intense training 24hrs a day, practicing tactics, techniques and procedures of V.I.P Protection, in training facilities similar to well – known boot camps, including also free meals and comfortable lodgings from the very first to the last day of the course.

Besides 17 days-long Bodyguard Course, BODYGUARD ACADEMY does provide security seminars additionally, for high risk mission operators, the members of SHADOW TEAM, professionals from the military, police and law enforcement agencies, to help them enhance their skills and tactics in fields like defensive driving, survival in the open, counter –attack techniques, C.Q.B drills and weapon handling.

The students of BODYGUARD ACADEMY are being evaluated for their progress through written and practical tests, to verify the level of knowledge, aggressiveness and reaction time, and finally obtain a certificate as Close Protection Specialists for future use to be employable in Greece and elsewhere.

The training doctrine of BODYGUARD ACADEMY is influenced mainly from our Russian counterparts, but we also use tactics and drills from other training schools and institutions worldwide, in order to simulate the real life scenarios that a close protection officer / bodyguard might encounter after his graduation.

Bodyguard Academy