Associates & Supporting Network

Security Operations of SHADOW CLOSE PROTECTION are being supported by a broad network of associates, security companies and other agencies in Greece and Europe,  trying to achieve a higher level of professionalism, having in mind the most recent international terrorism and criminal acts, to ensure maximum safety for our distinguished customers.

We have the privilege to include between our partners and associates:

  • Experienced private investigators (detectives) who contribute to our security operations with intelligence collection, electronic counter –measures and satellite surveillance.
  • Certified combat medics from the Special Forces, who contribute to our operational readiness by training SHADOW TEAM members in First Aid and Basic Life Support techniques, and being available also to help in case of an emergency in very short period of time.
  • Psychiatrist – group therapist who evaluates SHADOW TEAM members using psychometric tests, providing also scientific consultation to our company.
  • Confidential information resources in Greece and Europe, who support our company during the risk analysis and threat assessment of a security operation.
  • Executive protection companies, travel agencies and luxury service providers who contribute in many different ways to our assignments.
  • Legal advisors.
Our supporting network is dynamic and is always being expanded in order to upgrade the quality of our services.