Customer Service

Who do we serve?
  • Greek and foreign celebrities & V.I.P\'s
  • Royal families
  • Religious leaders
  • Political candidates and government representatives
  • Diplomats & dignitaries
  • Military high-ranking officers
  • CEO\'s /Executives
  • Tourist groups / travellers
  • Businessmen – Ship-owners
  • People attacked in the past

Why prefer us?

  • Professional high quality service
  • Deep knowledge of local culture and language
  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Awareness of criminal & terrorist tactics
  • Detailed risk analysis & security plans
  • High profile / discreet protection
  • Background checks based on intelligence resources
  • Liaison with local authorities (Police, Cost Guard, etc )
  • Travel consultation for our clients 
  • 24 hours / 7 days service
Our Process:

We use a deliberate and effective process to make the initial Threat Assessment, which firstly is analyzed by our experts and security consultants and afterwards we create the most suitable and appropriate Security Plan for each occasion with respect to your personal data and private life.

Secondly our legal advisors prepare an Acceptability agreement which is signed by our clients, and therefore our company is responsible for your safety according to the agreement.

This process does not last longer than 12 hours for Greece and 24 hours for Europe.