Courses & Security Seminars

The courses and seminars of BODYGUARD ACADEMY are mentioned below:

  • Bodyguard Course (17 days)
    It is the basic selection course for  bodyguard candidates . The students are being trained in the principles of close protection  participating in a demanding  course schedule with  300 hours of high quality  security classes , practical exercise and field training . The course is open for both beginners and experienced professionals, interested in enhancing their professional skills . 
    Price: 2.500 euros (Accomodation & meals included)

  • KGB Doctrine Close Protection Course (7 days ) in GREECE
    It is a KGB Doctrine based Close Protection  advanced course , with a   mixed cadre of   Russian instructors from prestigious NAST Bodyguard Association (ret. KGB 9th Dpt  officers) and Greek instructors from Hellenic Bodyguard Academy . The syllabus of the course , is focused on advanced CP techniques and security planning for Heads of State and Presidential level  personal protection details.The course is open for international students  since classes will be in English , Greek , and Russian .
    For more info review also our international web pages in Russia & Japan : (enhance the idea) &
    Price : 1.500 euros (Accomodation & meals included )

  • Counter Attack Team  (C.A.T) / High Risk Operator Course (7days)
    It is  a course dedicated to prepare operators for High Risk missions and combat in urban terrain . The classes include counter-ambush techniques , immediate action drills , C.Q.B priiciples and escort scenarios  in war zones. 
    Price : 900 euros (Accomodation & meals included)

  • Survival Course (7 days)
    Survival course is a special training program teaching students how to survive in the open with improvised equipment , construction of shelters , wild food , water purification ,  and much more.
    Price :750 euros

  • Tactical Medic seminar (6 days)
    A First Aid and BLS seminar focused on ballistic trauma and blast injuries with 30 hrs of specialized medical training .
    Price: 390 euros

  • Defensive & evasive driving seminar (3 days)
    Specialized seminar in defensive & evasive driving techniques for motorcade operators ( cars and motorbikes)
    Price : To be announced

  • Security seminar for businessmen and V.I.Ps ( 1 day)
    A useful training seminar on basic security  precautions for VIP\'s , businessmen and CEO\'s
    Price: To be announced

  • Bodyguard Refreshment seminar (3 days)
    It is a refreshment  seminar dedicated only to graduates of basic Bodyguard Course in order to update their knowledge and accredit active bodyguards in Greece . It is an annual event  organized by Hellenic Bodyguard Academy.
    Price: 100 euros

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