SHADOW CLOSE PROTECTION provide a broad range of security services in Greece and other countries which are listed below:\r\n
  • Risk Analysis
  • Threat Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Security Plans
  • Crisis Management
  • High risk VIP protection
  • Low profile / discreet VIP protection
  • Witness protection
  • Security consultation
  • Provide close protection specialists / teams
  • Provide experienced drivers for VIP\'s (limo/ motorbike)
  • Residence and office security
  • Children chaperonage – discreet protection
  • Protection from industrial espionage
  • Electronic counter – measures for conference rooms ( meetings etc)
  • Installation of alarms and security systems
  • Communication protection measures
  • Satellite surveillance
  • Ballistic protection (body armours , vehicles etc)
  • Maritime security ( yachts , boats and port facilities) according to ISPS Code
  • Aviation security (private jets , and airport facilities)
  • Security plans for casinos
  • Security plans for embassies
  • Security plans for banks and financial organizations
  • Transportation of money and valuable personal belongings
  • Security plans for colleges and educational institutes
  • Security plans for industrial facilities
  • High value information security
  • Security arrangements for fashion shows , conferences and public speakings
  • Security arrangements for art exhibitions and galleries
  • Security arrangements for sport activities
  • Security plans for military installations
  • Legal advisory on security matters
  • Investigations to confirm or deny involvement of teenagers in criminal/terrorist groups
  • Background checks ( criminal record status ) for suspects


Moreover, SHADOW CLOSE PROTECTION in accordance with international trends, while trying at the same time to fulfill our customers\' requests no matter how demanding they are, has the ability to employ special trained bodyguards for VIPs and celebrities, that usually prefer extreme sports και outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, scuba diving and skydiving, remaining safe because their personal escort team is always in close proximity.