Shadow TeamSHADOW TEAM is the group of people responsible for the planning, conduct and support of security operations and V.I.P protection missions of our company.

SHADOW TEAM operations are being supported by a network of associated agencies, companies, institutions and subject matter experts related to security, intelligence gathering and digital surveillance, in order to organize and direct effectively even the most complex and demanding high risk missions.

We also have the privilege to use a 24 hours - Operations Centre -(HQ) to support and assist bodyguard teams and field agents in case of an emergency, which is manned by experienced personnel from elite Special Forces units qualified to direct and manage critical situations and contingencies. The existence of the HQ, allow us to support an operation in many different ways, some of which are listed but not limited to:

  • Search areas and routes for traffic jam and obstructions
  • Weather forecast reports
  • Identify & locate dangerous spots and venues (NO GO Areas)
  • Detailed briefings about threats and recent criminal activity
  • Travel consultation for our clients
  • Liaison with local authorities (Police, Cost Guard, Fire brigade)
  • Coordinate emergency services and health centers (hospitals, etc)
  • Conduct background checks for suspects
  • Activate & direct counter-attack team (C.A.T)
  • Provide combat medics to deal with trauma situations & accidents
  • Provide lifeguards and rescue divers when needed

VIP protection missions executed by SHADOW TEAM are based on careful planning and detailed threat assessment, suited 100% to the special needs and requests of each client, to ensure high quality security services remaining discreet and trustworthy, with respect to sensitive personal data and lifestyle.

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