The 17 days–long Bodyguard Course is structured and organized to be a demanding selection phase, for all the candidates that show up and are interested in pushing themselves to the limits, and can guarantee that only the best will reach the graduation day.

The students have the privilege to attend the classes of experienced instructors in Executive Protection, with a remarkable background in the Special Forces and international relevant training courses in Russia, Germany, UK and USA, not to mention their participation in difficult assignments in war zones and elsewhere, providing close protection and security services to V.I.P\'s and identified targets of global terrorism. Their main concern is to ensure that all the graduates will have the ability and necessary qualifications that a bodyguard needs to be successful and competent in the 21st century.

Additionally, BODYGUARD ACADEMY and associated private investigators will give the chance to the students of Bodyguard Course to get trained in the principles and advanced techniques of surveillance & eavesdropping detection both in the classroom and in training exercises, using some of the most sophisticated electronic gadgets available in the market nowadays, like equipment for bug sweep, satellite monitoring, communication jammers etc.

V.I.P protection classes also include Basic Life Support (BLS) and life-saving techniques instructed by a certified combat medic, who teaches all the classic first aid program (ABCD primary survey) and ballistic trauma management and casualties triage as well.